The Balance of Care Group


Reference Group

The Balance of Care Reference group is an informal network of care professionals and managers from a wide range of health and social care organisations who share a common interest in the field of 'whole systems' activities and the methodologies and approaches of the Balance of Care Group.

The Reference Group acts a sounding-board for discussing findings from current and recent project work and to consider how applicable these might be. It also helps to focus attention on emerging issues and areas of interest to be explored and developed.

Membership of the Reference Group is both voluntary and free (although there may be a small administrative charge to cover venue costs as required). It meets occasionally - usually for an afternoon - and usually in London.

Meetings follow a workshop format - focused on a particular topic of interest – and designed to offer maximum opportunity for participation and discussion. The composition of the Reference Group means that people from a variety of areas and organisations are brought together which offers scope for making new contacts with like-minded colleagues from different backgrounds – it’s usually a 'whole systems' event in its own right!

If you would like to register to become a member of the Balance of Care Reference Group please email us with your details and we will notify you of any forthcoming activities